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Tackling Hunger with FareShare South West

10 Oct 2022


We’re delighted to be working with FareShare South West and our friends at Frank Water to help feed families across the region this month.

"FareShare South West is the region’s largest food redistribution charity. We take good quality surplus food from the food industry and deliver it to more than 400 charities across the South West. Last year we provided enough food for 5 million meals."

We were approached by our friends at FareShare South West to support them in making use of surplus stock of pumpkins at this time of year. Pumpkins can often be seen as an awkward food that people struggle to find use for. Despite its popularity in the build-up to Halloween, a lot of pumpkins are wasted and never consumed. We’ve donated 1500 tins of our Roasted Manipur Masala to FareShare South West to be distributed alongside the glut of pumpkins that they’ve received in the hope that families will cook up delicious pumpkin curries as we enter the cold months of Autumn.

Bart Manipur Masala makes the perfect vegetable curry with Pumpkin and other vegetables


This fiery blend, roasted in India, is the perfect accompaniment to autumnal vegetables like pumpkins and squash. This partnership also ties in with our charitable partner Frank Water. As it says on the tins, we donate 10p from each sale of Manipur Masala directly to Frank Water to help the incredible work they carry out around the world. Although these tins have not technically been sold, we are still honouring the donations to Frank Water.



Our team have also developed a recipe for families to use. This easy vegetable curry uses just a handful of ingredients but packs a flavourful punch! Seasonal pumpkin and creamy curry sauce sweetens our fiery Manipur Masala. Although we've used pumpkin, squash and other vegetables work equally as well, so the recipe can be altered depending on what’s available. It's best served with fluffy white rice, naan and a spoonful of mango chutney or yogurt. It's a super tasty, moreish and wallet-friendly supper that goes a long way.

The recipe can be found by clicking the image below.


Manipur Roasted Pumpkin Curry


This will be part of a longer-term partnership between us and FareShare South West. We hope to inspire people across the South West to make the most of the food that is available to them, whether through quick tips or easy flavour combinations. If you want to support FareShare South West and their incredible work, you can find out more information on their website. They're always looking for volunteers, donations and partnerships so any way you can help them would be massively appreciated.


"As the cost-of-living increases and more people are forced into food poverty, FareShare South West is facing new challenges. We rely on donations, volunteers and partnerships to stop people from going hungry and get as much good quality surplus food as possible to schools, charities and community groups across our region."

For more information visit faresharesouthwest.org.uk.

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