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Bedminster to Severn Beach

05 May 2022


In 2022 we completed a huge move. Bart moved to our brand new, purpose built site in Severn Beach, on the outskirts of Bristol. The move marked the end of an era for us at Bart. Operations were based at our Bedminster site in the heart of Bristol since 1983. This site oversaw huge transformations in our company during our 39 years there.



Our new facility is more than twice the size of our previous factory and will allow us to significantly enhance the sustainability of our operations. The new site will be the home of all of our dry ingredients which were previously packed in central Bristol, with storage distributed amongst various external warehouses. We are therefore able to significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with stock movement between sites.



On top of our efficient production lines and spacious warehouse, our new site is home to two blending rooms, technical labs, and a new brand new development kitchen. All of which enable us to develop and create the delicious ingredients that our customers love, and to ensure that our ingredients are safe and sustainably sourced.


David Collard, CEO (pictured left), and James Dorman, COO (pictured right)


"This is a major milestone for Bart. We’re proud of our British heritage and the fact we have been providing our customers with a vast range of quality herbs, spices, seasonings and pastes for nearly 60 years. With this investment, we’re committing to an exciting, sustainable future for the business that positions us perfectly for further growth."

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