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Bart + Frank Water

05 May 2022

On a mission to raise at least £10,000 for Frank Water each year.


At Bart, we source ingredients from all over the world and it’s hugely important to us that we give back to the countries and communities that we work with. That’s why, in 2012, we started working with Bristol based water charity, Frank Water. Frank Water work with local partners in India and Nepal to bring safe water, sanitation and hygiene to communities that are hardest to reach. They make sure their projects last by focussing on water management, not just water supply.



Over our ten year relationship, we've helped provide some of the world's most marginalised communities with long-term access to safe drinking water, sanitation, and good hygiene.



"At Frank Water, we’re building a water-secure future where the world’s water sources are protected from the impact of the climate crisis and where everyone, everywhere has long term access to safe water, decent toilets and good hygiene."




In the UK, Frank Water educate and empower people to adopt a more sustainable approach to water.



"We use our projects as evidence to push for the systems change that’s needed for a water-secure world. We advocate to local governments to fund safe water for more people. We share our research with state-level decision-makers and we campaign for the UK government to do more to address the global water crisis."



Bart donate 10p from every tin of our Roasted Masala blends. The money we give will help Frank Water achieve their vision of a water-secure world, where everyone, everywhere has enough clean water to stay healthy and fulfil their potential.



We've pledged to raise £30,000 over the next three years and we're on track! Over the last year, we've donated enough to provide clean water, decent toilets, and hand washing to more than 800 people.

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