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Our story

Masters of Flavour

Our story starts and ends with flavour. We’ve been discovering, selecting and sharing the best spices, herbs and seasonings from around the world for close to 60 years; in a relentless pursuit of great flavour to light up every kitchen, plate and face across the UK.

60 Years and Counting...

Go on a journey through Bart's history and find out how we became the masters of flavour! (swipe across or use the arrows to navigate through the timeline)

  • The Beginning of Bart

    Bart was founded by husband and wife Jo and Reg Bartlam. It was first called Bart Prints Ltd. and sold spices out of Jo and Reg's home in Bristol.

  • Bart goes to Waitrose

    We began selling Bouquet Garnis to Watrose, beginning a relationship that has lasted over 45 years.

  • Our First Factory

    In 1983 we moved into our first purpose built site in Bedminster, Brsitol. This would become the home of Bart for the next 37 years.

  • Fairtrade Spices

    in 2005 Bart were the first major herbs and spices supplier to bring Fairtrade certified spices to the UK consumer. There is nothing more important to us than the quality and flavour of our ingredients and that comes hand in hand with the wellbeing of the farmers who grow them and the sustainability of the farms they manage.

  • Purchase of Unit 3

    In 2007 we extended our Bedminster factory with the long-term lease of Unit 3.

  • Fairtrade Herbs

    We repeated our 2005 achievement but with dried herbs and became the first major herbs and spices supplier to bring Fairtrade certified herbs to the UK consumer.

  • Frank Water Partnership

    In 2012 we began working with Bristol based charity Frank Water. Frank Water help to bring safe water and sanitation to marginalised communities across the world to improve water security.

  • The Bart Spoonkler

    We patented an innovative packaging format in 2012 to enable cooks to use a spoon and sprinkle their herbs and spices from the same jar.

  • Our First Wet Factory

    In 2014 we bagan producing pastes and sauces at our first wet factory in Newbury.

  • The Fuchs Gruppe Family

    In 2017 we became a part of the privately-owned Fuchs Gruppe in Germany.

  • Great Taste Award Winner (twice)

    We won at the 2020 Great Taste Awards with two of our products; our delicious Oak Smoked Garlic Paste and our unique Roasted Punjab Masala blend.

  • A Big Move to Severn Beach

    We opened our state of the art facility in Severn Beach, Bristol. The move has enhanced the sustainability of our operations by reducing carbon emissions associated with stock movement between sites and warehousing, whilst improving operational efficiency.


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