Jerk Chicken Wings with Charred Corn Salad – Bart Ingredients


Jerk Chicken Wings with Charred Corn Salad

Serves: 4 | Prep: 20_mins | Cook: 20_mins


These jerk wings and salad are super easy and real crowd-pleasers. They could be served together or part of a larger BBQ spread!




  • 27/07/22

    Super tasty! I love my chicken spicy and Bart’s jerk really adds a kick. The recipe is so simple too!!

    Sue Holland

  • 27/07/22

    Gave this recipe a go on the week and it was unbelievable. So simple, just Jerk and Chicken! The corn salad goes perfectly on the side.

    Darren J

  • 27/07/22

    Tried this recipe at the weekend. Barbecued the marinated wings and served with a salad. Delicious

    Sandra Alexander

  • 27/07/22

    Sounds fantastic can t wait to try it ,where can i purchase it from?

    Paula Doran

  • 27/07/22

    Love Bart’s but wings don’t fly for me. Drumsticks are on the beat. More taste, more meat.


  • 27/07/22

    These sound great! Can I get an ingredient list for the Jerk paste? We have a family member with dietary restrictions


  • 27/07/22

    Blend some fresh coriander, spring onions, jalapenos with lime juice and olive oil – stir into some creme fraiche or greek style yoghurt for a dip/dressing.

    Alistair Wilson

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