Honey & Harissa Halloumi Wraps – Bart Ingredients


Honey & Harissa Halloumi Wraps

Serves: 4 | Prep: 15_mins | Cook: 10_mins


These halloumi wraps are sticky, salty and sweet. Served with smoky garlic raita and quick pickled onions, this is sure to be a veggie BBQ favourite!




  • 14/09/22

    Delicious delicious harissa!!!

    Robert Williams

  • 03/08/22

    I love Bart products. Never any compromise on quality or consistency in flavour 👍

    Margaret Usmar

  • 27/07/22

    The Harissa paste is the perfect heat level and honey adds the perfect sweetness. Love this! I added chilli flakes instead of the peppers.

    Dane H

  • 27/07/22

    Going to try this recipe tomorrow to share with friends.

    Julie Babb

  • 27/07/22

    looking forward to making some of your recipes


  • 27/07/22

    Speed peel some strips of courgette and pile them on the tortilla wrap before building the halloumi on top for added 5 a day points.

    Alistair Wilson

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