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NEW Bart Refill Cartons

11 Nov 2022


We are extremely excited to launch our brand-new eco-friendly range of refill cartons. We are launching 19 new lines that will be available in Morrisons stores and our online shop from the 21st of November 2022.


Our refill cartons offer a planet friendly alternative to glass jars. We still believe that glass is the perfect vessel to hold and store your herbs and spices. However, if you are a passionate home cook who is frequently using yours, then it makes sense to refill your glass jars with these cartons. You'll help to save 17 times the carbon emissions created in the production of glass jars and a whole load more energy used in recycling glass. It's the same great taste, with much less waste.

Our goal for nearly sixty years has also been to discover and share the best spices, herbs and seasonings from around the world; in a relentless pursuit of great flavour to light up every kitchen, plate and face across the UK. We want to continue that pursuit with our packaging solutions in order to meet the demand of cooks across the country.

You can find these cartons in Morrisons stores across the country and can even have them posted straight to your front door from our online shop.

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